Friday, June 13, 2008

Standing Firm

By now the secret is out that night and low-light photography are two of my loves - particularly in busy cities. It could be directly related to the fact that I am not a morning person.

Something about that time of day inspires my creative juices and my adrenaline as often the peak time lasts only for 20 minutes or so after the sun has set if the sky will be included in the composition. Other opportunities, such as the man directing traffic above on Michigan Avenue in Chicago are still available when the sky has turned black.

With a sturdy Gitzo tripod and cable release, I'm armed and ready. If you spot a lady with a tripod out after dark - that could be me.


Professor said...

Wow- that is very cool and just wild looking- I LIKE it!

Chuck said...

Hope to run into you. I just started photo blogging,and also love to be down town at night to shoot. Fantastic work by the way.