Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ethnic Specialty Stores in Chicago

Throughout the Chicago metropolitan region there are enclaves of different ethnicities with retail stores catering to a group's food traditions and fashion preferences. Where once the enclaves were located primarily within Chicago city limits, they can now be found throughout the suburbs.

The storefront pictured here with signs in Spanish and clothing with a Mexican flavor is located in Aurora, Illinois, a suburb 30 miles due west from downtown Chicago.

No need to purchase a plane ticket to have that cross-cultural experience. Pop into an ethnic market and puzzle over labels on cans and dream up a dinner unique enough for Anthony Bourdain to enjoy. Wander down Devon Avenue and touch the silk saris in riotous colors, or sample Kosher baked goods and Pakistani delicacies.

Bon voyage!

Friday, February 15, 2008

PhotoShelter Widget

Thought I'd give the new widget offered by PhotoShelter Collection a trial run. I wanted to place the widget on the sidebar, but only the left half of the photos will show in the display.

Think it's a great concept, but will it make the cash register ring?