Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Chicago's Picasso

While the Art Institute of Chicago has more than 20 of Pablo Picasso's paintings in its collection, ask a Chicagoan where the Picasso is and they'll more likely point toward the Daley Plaza than Michigan Avenue.

Dedicated in 1967, the untitled steel sculpture originally a subject of controversy has now become a well-loved Chicago icon.


Professor said...

This is amazing- and I've never seen it before. Is the flag a reflection or part of the art? This is awesome.

Kim Karpeles said...

The flag is flying on a flag pole nearby, it isn't part of the sculpture. The juxtaposition came from my shooting angle and composition. Glad you like it!

John said...

That is a nice angle of the sculpture. There is another arist in chicago that i know of that has similar Chicago pictures.