Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fencing Tournament

This past weekend, some 1200 fencers converged on the Rosemont (IL) Convention Center for a United States Fencing Association tournament.

Wielding weapons in the epee, saber and foil competitions, women and men from youth to the 60+ veteran division stepped and lunged up and down the 30+ competition strips arranged throughout the room.

Electronic lames, scoreboards and weapon tips recorded the touches with referees officiating each bout.

Viewing the competition offered me a chance to step back in time and imagine swashbuckling battles raging in a castle or two men dueling for a lady's hand while having a 21st century digital camera along to capture the action. Which is a challenge!

Swords are flying faster than the eye can see, the lighting is sodium vapor blended with fluorescent which turns the white uniforms a lovely blend of red and green, the concrete floor is mighty hard, and the multiple strips make a clean background nearly impossible.

Still, my Canon 70-200 2.8L IS lens was fast enough so that I could stop the action and the zoom options gave me a range of close--ups shots to full strip action. Are you a sports shooter looking for a new challenge? Search no further than your nearest fencing tournament. Touche!

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